Vega Tolosa

Bodega en Casas Ibañez

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Descripción del propietario



One of the main characteristics of Vega Tolosa wines is their micro-climate. Their production area is located on the most easterly borders of La Manchuela, about 120 kilometers from the Mediterranean.

Beyond doubt the state is in a privileged situation. The daytime westerly winds –warm and dry, the nocturnal easterly winds –fresh and humid are suitable for a slow ripening of the grape.

Over the year temperatures oscillate between 10 and 40 degrees Celsius. There are some 2.800 hours of daylight and the rainfall is around 500 litres per square metre.


It´s one of the best kept secrets of Vega Tolosa, their terrain. Used since ancient times to cultivate grapes and later produce wine, it continues to play a key role, and to be a determining factor for the creation of outstanding wines.

The calcareous-clayed soil also contributes to the excellent quality of the grape, favouring a good drainage of the scant rainfall and conservation of humidity in periods of drought.


The family vineyards consist of 150 hectares of our own vines of the red wine varieties; Bobal, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Tempranillo and Merlot. While the white wine varieties are Macabeo, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier.

The plantations are in various locations near to Casas Ibañez and situated about 750 metres above sea level. Amongst the plantings there are 40 hectares of Bobal 80 years old. All our vineyards are organic.


Organic wines mean for us a healthier product for the consumer, but also respect for biodiversity by working with nature, not against it.

Together with 150 hectares of organic vineyards, we have another 400 hectares of organic grasses and legumes. We sell these products to organic farmers who sell to us their manure to be reinstated in the vineyards together with the branches coming from the pruning. In addition, our vineyards are integrated among small forests of pines and oak trees. This allows us a sustainable development of our environment and respects the existing biodiversity.



The Júcar Valley is a natural pass between the Levante and The Meseta, which has meant that over a long period of time different cultures have established themselves these lands.

In the fifth century, the Iberians cultivated vines and made wine in large earthenware jars which they kept in caves.

After them, the Romans, Visigoths and colonizing Christians maintained and enriched wine heritage of the region.

Today, those whose duty it is to follow the tradition are the members of the Vega Tolosa family, who work the 150 hectare estate.


The history of vega tolosa wines goes back to 1905 when the great-grandfather of the current management planted the first vineyards and started a small winery for local distribution.

If there is one thing Vega Tolosa can boast of, it´s their long family tradition, in which wine has always been the main focus. Vega Tolosa´s family life has always been linked to wine. The actual manager of the vineyard can still recall, how in his great-grandfacher´s house they made wine in a traditional manner. To sell it to visitors and neighbours who passed by the house with a pine branch over the doorway, to later achieve one of the best wines of the region. “Pine branches performed the work of todays´s signboards, that is to say, a pine branch over a doorway meant that here they sold wine”.


Apart from its exceptional terroir and climatic conditions, another peculiarity of Vega Tolosa is that the winery can adapt the production process to the demands of the different markets.

The constant work of a family has borne its fruits, producing balanced wines that reflect the personality of the vineyard they originate from. Organic wines of quality with style and signed by their author. All this thanks to their philosophy and some keys to success which the family understand fully: The vines, amongst which there are found some more than 80 years old; the excellent climatic conditions of region for the cultivation of grapes; the excellent climatic conditions of region for the cultivation of grapes; an exceptional terroir; qualified and expert personnel in the world of wines who are passionate about Vega Tolosa; and lastly, some values such as respect for tradition, innovation, flexibility to adapt the situation and the proximity of their clientele.



Juan José Tolosa Valverde

Manager and winemaker:

Juan Miguel Tolosa Pérez

Commercial Director:

Manuel García

Vineyard Manager:

Emilio José Tolosa Pérez


Mª José Martínez Gómez

Next Family Generation:

Mari Luz Tolosa
Rocio Tolosa
Canela Tolosa


Guided by its corporate philosophy, "Respect to Nature and Tradition", and making customer safety, security and satisfaction its highest priorities, Vega Tolosa continues to pursue quality assurance and customer responsiveness. It is at the same time engaging in vigorous, ongoing pursuit of environmental preservation and social and cultural activities in every aspect of its business.

In October 2009, Vega Tolosa established its "Code of Business Ethics", which defines the universal values and code of conduct to be shared by every employee with the aim of inspiring greater trust and continuing to fulfill the Company's social responsibilities as a good corporate citizen. As part of our commitment to ensuring trustworthy corporate behavior from every stakeholder at all times, we are promoting active CSR aimed at attaining recognition of the distinctive values of the Vega Tolosa Company among customers and throughout society.


Vega Tolosa engages in a wide range of valuable social contribution activities. It participates in such programs as lately in the II Painting Championship in Casas Ibañez financing the 3rd prize of the concours. Vega Tolosa also supports social projects in co-operation with the Red Cross organization.


Vega Tolosa participates in various sports activities in line with its appreciation of sports as a key contact point for deepening communication with customers. Vega Tolosa is for instance official sponsor of the Marathon of Casas Ibañez.


Vega Tolosa is a family winery. We personally control the entire elaboration process: The optimum quality of the harvest as well its proper collection, its meticulous wine fermentation process and efficient commercialization are the fruits of our dedication and hard work.

A modern winery with all the machinery in stainless steel. The winery allows us to adapt the production to the needs of the different markets.


- White selection
- Syrah-Tempranillo
- ROSE-Lágrima de Syrah
- Chardonnay Barrique
- Bobal Barrique
- Pinos Bobal Old Vines


The winery belongs to the Manchuela Denomination of Origin (D.O. Manchuela). The winery is located in the farthest eastern boundary of La Manchuela wine region, just 120 km from the Mediterranean Sea.The Manchuela region is defined between two rivers: the river Jucar and Cabriel.

Our vineyard is located right on the border which separates the central Mesa of the Levante region. The satellite map clearly shows the prime location of our vineyards.

This excellent location is ideal for the grapevine’s ventilation.



You are very welcome to visit our winery and enjoy our wines in the place where they come from. You will also enjoy the personal contact with Juan Miguel and his family.

Visit Time: 9:00-13:00 y 16:00-19:00


We highly recommend Restaurante La Lola in Casas Ibañez. You will feel at La lola like at home. We recommend enjoying our Vega Tolosa wines with dishes like the rice with seafood, cod fish, lamb and finally do not forget to order chocolate ice with cake.


We recommend Alcala del Jucar. A wonderful town situated in the valley of the river Jucar in a very beautiful area called the “Hoces del Jucar”.

Alcala del Jucar is only about 15kms from our winery. Do not forget to visit the catle, the caves of the evil (Cuevas del Diablo) or the stunning view of the town from The Mirador. In summer you can have a bath in a beach very close to the roman bridge.

We also recommend to visit other places like Jorquera and Albacete.

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